Athletics: Impactful Coaching Track

Sessions & Descriptions

Session #1

Aligning to Mission & the Cultural Impact on the School

A school’s athletic program has a large positive (or negative) impact on the school’s culture.  This opening session will walk you through a process of thinking about and aligning your school’s mission, vision, and values with the athletic program’s mission, principles, and essential practices (i.e., coaching practices).  You will have an opportunity to then apply these learnings to your own program as you continue in the sessions.

Session #2

Coaches as Disciples and Living Curriculum

Do you ask your coaches to disciple your athletes?  This session will explore the tools and methods that coaches can use to disciple athletes. We will also outline the meaning of a Living Curriculum coach and its importance in your program.

Session #3

Transformational Principles/Essential Practices (Coaching Practices)

In this session, we will move from overall mission of the athletic program into building transformational principles and then essential practices for coaches to incorporate into their sports.  You will have an opportunity to apply the lessons learned to your own programs and leave with your own transformational principles and essential practices.

Session #4

Hiring & Evaluating Cultural Coaches: Tools & Culture

Hiring Living Curriculum coaches is essential to your program’s culture and effectiveness. However, it is more important to hold coaches accountable for your principles and essential practices. In this session we will explore hiring practices, the coach evaluation process, criteria, and tools.

Session #5

Hot Topics Q& A

After spending the first day together, we will use this session to open the discussion to hot topics and questions and answers among the cohort.  Bring your issues and be ready to workshop solutions.

Session #6

The Job of an Athletic Director

There are many aspects to the job of an Athletic Director from hiring and developing coaches, to development and maintaining the facilities.  During this session, we will discuss these different aspects and explore how athletic programs can be best organized and managed.

Session #7

Facilities: Wheaton College & Wheaton Academy

Being on the beautiful campus of Wheaton College and near the 50-acre campus of Wheaton Academy gives us an opportunity to tour these facilities and learn about different aspects of the facilities. We will also discuss Wheaton Academy’s master campus plan and plans for its athletic fields and program in the near future.


Dr. Darin Keizer , Athletic Director | Southwest Christian High School, Chaska, MN