Enrollment (Admissions + Marketing) Track

Sessions & Descriptions

Session #1: Monday, June 24th 8:30-10am

Data-based Persona Building: The efforts of Admissions and Marketing are a balance between art and science. We will start with the basics of how to analyze the story your data is telling. We will explore how understanding the data can help make your load lighter as we establish projections, personas, and potential barriers to overcome.

Deliverable: Establish a list of personas and common character traits of each persona. 

Session #2: Monday, June 24th 10:15-11:45am

Strategic Marketing: In this session, we will take the next steps and explore how to personalize the messages our personas need. We will consider a communication sequence that propels your funnel to take the next step. From storytelling to segmentation to subject lines—we will help you communicate a message worth reading.

Deliverable: Create a list of things to consider when developing your communication plan and email segmentation 

Session #3: Monday, June 24th 1-2:30pm

It’s Tool Time: In this session, we will explore the dozens of technological tools that can be used by our Marketing and Admissions teams. From SalesMsg to ChatGPT to Typeform, we will learn how technology can further our efforts. Integration and automation can enhance, but not replace, personalization. 

Deliverable: Develop a list of tools to use and the benefits they provide 

Session #4: Monday, June 24th 2:45-4:15pm

Same story, Different way: In this session, we will explain how we used a portrait of a graduate + senior spotlights to develop content pillars that supported the storytelling throughout our enrollment season. We will explore how we can multiply our productivity through sharing content on storytelling platforms.

Deliverable: Develop a storytelling content pillar structure to use for the rest of the school year  

Session #5: Tuesday, June 25th 8:30-10am

Mission-Fit Selectivity: In this session, we will discuss the art and science of selection in the Admissions process. With our school’s mission in mind, we will collaborate on how to best shape the culture of our schools with data-based Admissions operations and decisions.

Deliverable: Create or revise a tour/interview exit sheet that reflects mission, values, and barriers

Session #6: Tuesday, June 25th 10:15-11:45am

Event planning: In this session, we will brainstorm, collaborate, and evaluate our existing Admissions event offerings to ensure our open houses, tours, and events are successfully engaging our Admissions funnels.

Deliverable: Compare a buyer’s journey with the admissions events and evaluate path to their next step

Session #7: Tuesday, June 25th 1-2:30pm

Parent Ambassador Program 101: In this session, we will explain how Wheaton Academy built our parent ambassador program to nurture networking and establish connection within new families. We will discuss strategies for both recruitment and retention—the key to enrollment health.

Deliverable: Receive step by step instructions on how to best engage your best parents 


Brittany Klenke, Vice Principal of Enrollment | Wheaton Academy, West Chicago, IL

Currently serving as the Vice Principal for Enrollment at Wheaton Academy. Upon graduating from Wheaton College, Brittany taught high school English and led various student life activities at Wheaton Academy for years. She transitioned to the Director of Admissions role before overseeing both Admissions and Marketing in her current role. She serves on the administrative leadership team, ensuring enrollment efforts both solidify and further the school’s mission. 

Amy Hogan, Director of Admissions | Wheaton Academy, West Chicago, IL

Currently serving as the Director of Admissions at Wheaton Academy. Formally trained as an Elementary education teacher, Amy spent the first part of her career in the classroom and leading a weekly Bible study as the Women’s Bible Study Coordinator at a local church. Now, she leads the Admissions process at Wheaton Academy—conducting tours, interviews, and enrollment onboarding for over 200 families annually.  


Kim Norbeck, Director of Admissions | Wheaton Christian Grammar School, Winfield, IL

Currently serving as the Director of Admissions at Wheaton Christian Grammar School.  Formally trained as an Elementary education teacher, Kim taught second grade and helped students with educational needs utilizing individualized educational therapy before transitioning to admissions. Kim has 13 years of experience leading the admissions process at Wheaton Christian—one of the largest K-8 Christian schools in the Midwest

Sally Strzalka, Parent Ambassador Coordinator | Wheaton Academy, West Chicago, IL

Currently serving as the Parent Ambassador Coordinator at Wheaton Academy. Formally trained as a nurse, Sally spent her career serving patients and thinking on her feet. She transitioned into education as a school nurse and then as our coordinator. She continues to use her expertise of providing care within process as she pioneers new programs that provide solutions to core problems.  

Angela Webster, Marketing Manager | Wheaton Academy, West Chicago, IL

Currently serving as the Marketing Manager at Wheaton Academy. Her career began as a graphic designer at a design and marketing firm, helping clients communicate their needs with beautiful simplicity. She learned to code, build websites, and maximize digital marketing strategy. After supporting our marketing efforts for several years, Angela now leads our marketing department at Wheaton Academy—overseeing our digital, video, and print needs with intention and strategy.