Keynote Speakers

Dr. Tim Elmore, Founder & CEO | Growing Leaders, Atlanta, GA

Opening Keynote: Marching off the Map: Empowering Students to Take Charge of their Education 

Dr. Tim Elmore, founder and CEO of Growing Leaders (, an Atlanta‐based non‐profit organization created to develop emerging leaders will kick us off with a thought provoking keynote on how leading 21st century students can feel like an adventure into unexplored lands. The natives of these uncharted territories, those born after the turn of the century, hold vastly different attitudes and behaviors toward learning and authority than prior generations. They communicate in rapidly evolving digital languages. They have very short attention spans (8 seconds). They multitask everything — and many even create and maintain multiple personas on social media. The “old maps” we used successfully in education, leadership and parenting to help guide our students through adolescence are now obsolete. We desperately need new strategies on how to navigate this landscape. Using proven research, image-based learning, real-world methods and practical wisdom, attendees will gain principles that will serve as a compass to them — providing direction as they lead the way in this new territory.

WORKSHOP BREAKOUT SESSION (immediately following): Free-Range Teachers: Transforming the Classroom from Apathy to Action 

As teachers, we want our students to learn as much as possible. The problem is, our classrooms, courses and curriculum often lead today’s students to be less engaged. Out-dated teaching styles promote engagement and ownership (commonly called “metacognition”) in the teachers, not the students. While we work hard to create a great experience, most students sit back and wait for us, their teachers, to simplify the material and make it easy for them to digest it. It’s time for a new strategy, one that encourages action, rather than apathy. In this session, attendees will learn the power of metacognition, and gain practical ideas for how to implement the principles of metacognition in the classroom.


About Dr. Tim Elmore

Dr. Elmore has written several dozen books over the years about the emerging generation, including Generation Z: Unfiltered, Marching off he Map, and The Pandemic Population. The Eight Paradoxes of Great Leadership. These books unpack the fresh strategies and new mindset required today from a next generation leader. His newest title, A New Kind of Diversity, brings to light one of the most dramatic and disruptive shifts the American workforce has ever seen: the vast diversity if several generations living — and working — together.


Since founding Growing Leaders in 2003, Elmore has spoken to over 500,000 leaders in businesses, universities, athletic teams, and non-profit organizations, including The Home Depot, Coca Cola Bottling Company Consolidated, American Eagle and Chick Fil A as well as the San Francisco Giants, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Ohio State University, Stanford University, and the University of Alabama athletics.


His work grew out of twenty years serving alongside Dr. John C. Maxwell where he focused on leadership for the emerging generations. Elmore has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, USA Today, Psychology Today and he’s been featured on CNN’s Headline News and Fox and Friends to talk about leading multiple generations in the marketplace.


Tim was listed in the top 100 leadership speakers in America by Inc. magazine. He has written more than 35 books, including the best-selling Habitudes: Images That Form Leadership Habits and Attitudes and his latest book, A New Kind of Diversity: Making the Different Generations on Your Team a Competitive Advantage. Tim and his wife, Pam, have two adult children, Bethany, and Jonathan. He and Pam live outside of Atlanta. You can also find his work at:

Dr. Gene Frost, Executive Director | Wheaton Academy Foundation, West Chicago, IL

Evening Keynote: The Impact of the Third Wave of Christian Education in America

We are entering a “third wave” of contemporary Christian education in America! The “third wave” provides perhaps the greatest opportunity for Christian schools to make a lifelong impact on students, families, and the life of the Church. To be successful, the Christian school must stop striving to compete with historic public or private schools and instead work toward becoming an “uncommon” Christian school aimed at transforming students’ lives and leaving a lasting impact on the families they serve. On Monday evening, Dr. Frost will present his views on the “third wave” of Christian education and what it will take to be successful.

BREAKOUT SESSION: Why and How to Lead a Lifelong-Impact School

Christian schooling is entering a “third wave” of contemporary American history. Our schools can have tremendous impact on our students, their families, and the life of the church. Come hear how your school can catch that wave by implementing practical steps in your leadership and planning.


About Dr. Frost

A national leader in secondary Christian schooling, Gene is presently the Executive Director of the Wheaton Academy Foundation and a Senior Consultant at the Wheaton Academy Institute. Having extensive experience in both education and business, Dr. Frost played a pivotal role in turning Wheaton Academy from a struggling school to a market leader as a member of the board (1987-present) and as head of school (2006-2018). He speaks nationally and has published books and articles, most notably Learning from the Best Volumes One & Two, which have had wide circulation.


  1. Twenty-two years in business, first as the HR director for the company that was the world’s largest trader of exchange-traded options. Concluded his business career as the CEO of an educational software company that topped $20 million in annual sales.   
  2. Association of Christian Schools International published his first two books Learning from the Best Volumes One and Twoand they have sold over 7,000 copies to Christian school leaders.  
  3. Has served on various boards including Ritchie Capital, Emmaus Ministries, Faith Covenant Church, and is presently on the LeTourneau University and Wheaton Academy boards.   
  4. National spokesperson and consultant for the Wheaton Academy Institute.

Michael Pollock, TCK | Keynote Speaker for the International Student Program Conference

Michael Pollack is a leader in care of Third Culture Kids (“TCK”). He is steeped in over 30 years of educating, coaching, debriefing, and training third culture individuals, families, schools, and organizations. He grew up among multiple U.S. states and Kenya. With his wife, Kristen, he raised three children in China, where he was an international school principal and TCK development leader. In addition to leading Daraja (, he also served as Director of Interaction International for almost 3 years and established a hub of international TCK caregivers in 2019 to facilitate global networking. The son of Dr. David Pollock, Michael co-authored Third Culture Kids: Growing Up Among Worlds (3rd Ed.) with Ruth Van Reken. Michael believes TCKs are poised to powerfully impact the world.

Opening Session:   

Where Have You Been?!

Breakout Session:   

  • Self-Care Isn’t Selfish: Sustainable Practices for Resilience
  • Transition Tools for Best Practice: 2 Models
  • Stories that Travel: Helping Communities Connect