Providing Academic Support for Intl Students Track

Sessions & Descriptions

Session #1: Monday, June 24th 8:30-10am

Meeting the Academic needs of International Students

International students come to us at varying levels of English proficiency. During our session, we will focus on the foundational elements needed to provide academic support for students. Whether you have an ELL class or not, the principles we discuss will help you put together a plan to set students up for success academically. Our time together will be spent addressing the specific academic English needs of students and ways to create curriculum that seeks to support learning outcomes. The format of the session will be workshop oriented and provide time to evaluate your unique teaching situation and how to apply the principles you learn.

Presenter: Charity Moon

Session #2: Monday, June 24th 10:15-11:45am

Sheltered Instructional Practices for International Students

In this session we will explore what a sheltered class actually looks like and when it is appropriate to implement this approach. We will consider ways to differentiate instruction so that content is accessible to students with limited background knowledge of a topic or limited English proficiency. During this session we will touch on the issue of students using translators and how to approach this with students. Working together, we will create a rough draft of a syllabus for a course in your school that could be taught with a sheltered approach.

Presenter: Jolene Bowser

Session #3: Monday, June 24th 1-2:30pm

Teacher/Staff Buy-In & Support:

There’s no doubt that we love our students and the int’l program, but sometimes it’s challenging to get the same buy-in from teachers and senior leadership. In this session, we’ll offer some suggestions for vision-casting and staff professional development & support throughout each year.

Presenter: Britnie Reid

Session #4 (Open to all attendees) Tuesday, June 25th 8:30-10am

Academic Language: Crafting a Systematic Plan for Vocabulary Instruction

The importance of academic language for English learners cannot be overstated. Vocabulary knowledge is a strong predictor of student success, but students don’t typically just “pick up” academic language on their own. It must be explicitly taught. In this session we will explore how to systematically approach academic language from a school-wide plan to specific vocabulary routines teachers can implement to maximize student learning.  Be prepared to select some high-utility vocabulary words and develop mini-lessons around those terms.

Presenter: Jolene Bowser

Session #5 (Open to all attendees) Tuesday, June 25th 10:15-11:45am

Sheltered Bible: Why & How?

Should Christian schools provide Bible courses specifically for international students, OR should they be mainstreamed with the rest of the student body from day 1? Schools with strong programs stand on both sides. This session will provide one perspective that’s been effective in leading students with little to no background knowledge of the Christian faith to consistently becoming some of the most outspoken evangelists on our campus! Together, we’ll take a deep dive into the how & why behind our school’s Sheltered Bible course & curriculum.

Presenters: Britnie Reid


Charity Moon, Marketing & Business Manager| Wheaton Academy Institute,
West Chicago, IL

Charity Moon has been at Wheaton Academy for the past 11 years. This past year she took on a new role with Wheaton Academy Institute as the Marketing & Business Manager. In her current role with the Institute she helps coordinate the Best Practices and ISP Intensives as well as the Wheaton Academy Global network of schools. During her time at Wheaton Academy, she has served  in a variety of roles within the International Program including the Assistant Director, ELL teacher for 9 years and Program Assistant.  After graduating from Dallas Baptist University with a BAS in Sociology, Charity moved to China to teach English. During her five years in
China, she taught EFL both to primary and college age students at a variety of language levels. She received her MA in TESOL/Intercultural Studies from Wheaton College and continues to use her experience from both teaching and living overseas to help international students adapt to their life in the States. Through the years, she has presented at numerous conferences on ways to support international students and serves as a resource for schools with international programs.

Jolene Bowser, ISP Director & ESOL teacher | Bishop Kearney High School, Rochester, NY

With 18 years of experience in education, Jolene Bowser has a BS in Childhood Education from Roberts Wesleyan University and an MS in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) from Nazareth University.  Her experience includes teaching English learners in a range of settings and grades levels including K-12 public, charter, and private schools in the US and Poland. Additionally, Jolene has worked in higher education, teaching a variety of courses for college-age English learners and ESOL teachers in training. Her heart is for ministering to international teenagers through her position.  She is currently in her 6th year as the International Program Director and ESOL teacher at Bishop Kearney High School in Rochester, New York. 

Britnie Reid, ISP Director & Sheltered Bible teacher | Maranatha Christian School, San Diego, CA

Britnie has worked with international student programming in San Diego, CA since 2015, having developed & taught curriculum for Sheltered Bible and ESL courses, and served as International Program Director since 2021. Before moving to California, she worked in Special Education and served for 2.5 years as a teacher and missionary in Xhosa-speaking schools of South Africa. Since 2005, she’s designed & led youth camps all around the US as well as in India, Alaska, Kenya, and Zambia. Originally from South Carolina, she received her M.A. in Christian Studies from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, her TESOL Certification from the University of California San Diego, and her B.S. in Psychology from North Greenville University. More than anything, she has a love for God’s Word and her heart is to reach the unreached. In her spare time, she loves adventuring outdoors – playing tennis, hiking, kayaking, & relaxing on the beach!