Developing ISP Marketing & Recruitment Channels Track

Sessions & Descriptions

Session #1

Marketing to the International Student

Description: TBA

Presenter: Phil Strzalka

Session #2

Tell the Story of your ISP … enroll others in your vision by engaging them in the story!

Discover new strategies to tell the story of your ISP in the narrative of your school, and ALL stakeholders.

Presenter: Gay Bennett

Session #3

Admissions 2.0: Building Digital Connections

This workshop is designed to help you navigate the shifting tides of the current education market. Discover how to leverage the latest tools in technology to maximize efficiency, get more done with fewer resources, while opening new entry points into overseas education markets. Learn strategic methods to find new leads, build effective partnerships, and transform your admissions approach to thrive in an increasingly digital world.

Presenter: James Brannon

Session #4 (Open to all attendees)

Creating Strong Recruitment Partnerships 

Description: TBA

Presenters: Phil Strzalka, James Brannon

Session #5 (Open to all attendees)

How to plan and maximize recruitment trips

Create a plan to recruit students that is reproducible and repeatable with families and agents

Presenter: Gay Bennett


Gay Bennett, HS Assistant Principal / International Program Director | Linfield Christian School, Temecula, CA

Gay has been serving as the HS Assistant Principal & International Program Director at Linfield Christian School in Temecula, CA for the past 18 years.  Mrs. Bennett is an educational veteran, having worked in the public and private school sector for the past 35 years.  She founded a Preschool & Elementary School in the US, administrating there for 15 years before moving to Linfield in 2006 as a classroom teacher.  In 2007, she was promoted to serve as the Assistant Principal of the High School.

In 2010, Gay founded the Int’l Program at Linfield Christian School, providing educational opportunities for international students in grades K-12.  Throughout the past 14 years, a large number of international students from 15 different countries of origin have successfully navigated an American HS experience, many graduating with honors to attend top American universities. The mission is to have them experience the love of Christ in community, and ultimately experience personal transformation. Ultimately, they become a member of the Linfield family and “LIONS for life!

Phil Strzalka, Executive Director | Wheaton Academy Institute,
West Chicago, IL

Phil brings more than 25 years of experience as an attorney and a management consultant developing and implementing people and operational solutions at educational institutions and other not-for-profit organizations across the country. His deep experience includes 100s of projects involving strategic planning, performance improvement, organizational design, business process redesign, and talent/leadership development for administrators, faculty, and staff. He has grown to become a regular thought leader, author, and speaker.

“I strongly believe that Christian educators have never been so well positioned to make an impact. It is my honor to currently serve as the Institute’s Executive Director. Soli Deo Gloria!”

James Brannon, Director of International Recruitment | Wheaton Academy, West Chicago, IL

James spent his early years growing up in China, Southeast Asia, and Central Asia, before moving to Southern California to attend university. There he discovered his calling while volunteering on campus to help international students cross culture and succeed in reaching their academic and personal goals.

Upon completing his undergrad (Biola University, B.S., Biochemistry), James shifted his focus to international education and exchange, developing programs that hosted over 1,000 international students from various provinces of China.

James currently resides in West Chicago, working as Wheaton Academy’s Director of International Recruitment. He enjoys staying active and traveling with his family, as well as studying philosophy, science, and geopolitics.