The Inkling Series




Inklings on Philosophy and Worldview: Learning to See Our Connection to Truth and Reality with Chesterton, Lewis, and Tolkien
Volume I of this book series is a fresh and accessible philosophical approach to a worldview. Whether we realize it or not, trust is our norm. Trusting our connections to reality is the only option we have in figuring out the truth about our existence. Given that we all live by faith in something, this approach to worldview enables readers to explore what self and others, religious or not, choose to believe and why those beliefs are chosen. This approach nurtures honest and honoring conversation between people of all beliefs along this journey. It accesses the two basic ingredients for the nature of reality, spiritual and material, to examine the four worldviews: idealism, materialism, monism, and theism. This book is divided into three parts:

  • Part One unpacks the concept of the personal and collective Trust List which dictates each person’s worldview.
  • Part Two explains the four philosophic worldviews and their foundational Trust Lists. The major philosophical questions in life are dissected, including examination of pathways directed by one’s choice of core beliefs.
  • Part Three is an explanation of and invitation to view Christ as the Fullness of Reality (John 1 and Colossians 1) and to incorporate and then move beyond philosophy and religion into a meaningful relationship with Christ, the living, loving God of the universe.


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