Why is the Living Curriculum Model important?

A responsible school administrator puts a high value on the education and success of the students in their school, knowing full well that the development and competency of their teachers are the key. And on a more practical note, they realize those teachers must be promoted and compensated accordingly.

The traditional model needed to change

The traditional approach to teacher and faculty compensation has been based on the number of years in the classroom, or in the number of degrees hanging on their wall, or even the results of standardized testing. However, in recent years, unions, school boards, and administrators are coming to the realization that it takes more to appropriately compensate teachers.*

A new model emerges

The ultimate goal is the education of our students, but we all know that the teacher probably plays the most significant role and how successful that is. While the education and experience of the teacher is important, there needs to be away to encourage the continuing development of their skills, methods, and involvement in the life of the student and the school itself. The Living Curriculum Teacher Development Model is that tool: helping administrators motivate, develop, encourage, and compensate their teachers using a realistic and personal approach.

The Living Curriculum Model provides tools to objectively measure effectiveness in the classroom through measurable criteria that is important for teaching and learning. However, there is more than just metrics in evaluating a teacher. The Living Curriculum Model provides a well-rounded way for administrations to understand where teachers are: from goal-setting, to classroom observations, student surveys, and finally input from the teacher themselves.

Intentionality a must

Is The Living Curriculum Model for everyone? We believe the answer is yes. However, this new model requires greater participation from administrators, human resources, supervisors and department heads. But we believe the rewards measured in the experiences of the students, and the development and fulfillment of the teachers, is worth the extra effort. The good news: you now have a tool to guide you through this process.

The goal: better teachers and successful students. The Living Curriculum Model is the new way to get there.