Leveraging all we've learned for Christian schools.

After over 170 years, Wheaton Academy is grateful for the blessings of steady enrollment, balanced budgets, dedicated faculty, and hard-working students excelling in all areas we’d hoped for.

Learning from our trials
It hasn’t always been this way. There have been years of declining enrollment, low morale, and strained budgets. But those trials gave us opportunities to grow and learn, encouraging to develop programs to strengthen our core and avoid repeating our mistakes.
Sharing what we have learned
We’ve had time to test and refine our tools and feel confident they could serve any school, private Christian schools in particular. We have formed the Wheaton Academy Institute to help cultivate, develop, and distribute these materials to anyone. Through the Institute, we offer our annual Best Practices Conference for the Christian School—three days of seminars led by experts who practice their craft in the field every day. And now, with a year of Best Practices Consulting you can have personalized consultation from our own Dr. Gene Frost.
Offering tested tools
Currently we offer three distinct tools: 1) the LCTDM teacher evaluation application, 2) a four-year advisory curriculum to foster relationships, strengthen culture, and set goals, and 3) our Project LEAD leadership development package. Please explore this site and then join us in the journey to raise quality and value of Christian education—never more important than it is today.