WA Institute—Consulting Services

A number of consulting services are available through the Wheaton Academy Institute. Dr. Gene Frost and other leaders from Wheaton Academy are available on a limited basis throughout the school year to provide one or more of the following services:
If you are interested in discussing one or more of the services above, email email Dr. Gene Frost or call him at 630-562-7516.

Wheaton Academy Institute Announces:
Best Practices Yearlong Consulting Engagements
WA Institute Consulting can help your school by:

Dr. Gene Frost could bring his experience in the following ways:
Over the past few years, Gene Frost and his team have been engaged by several Christian schools to help them.
Here is what educational leaders are saying:
Over the past year, Dr. Frost and I spoke on a monthly basis to share what was going on at my school. He was quickly able to draw out the important things on my busy plate and help me prioritize them. He has been down roads I have yet to travel and the advice and guidance given has saved us time, money, and many headaches. More importantly, the wisdom and leadership has blessed our teachers, staff, parents and students. —Head of School
Wheaton Academy’s consulting service was the catalyst toward positive change that we were looking for! Our school had weathered two decades of consistent enrollment decline. With no clear path forward, we invited Wheaton Academy to complete a comprehensive review of our school’s operations. Their expertise, practical recommendations, and graceful approach proved to be an invaluable resource as we charted our future steps. They worked together with our Administration and School Board to understand our identity, challenges, and opportunities. Ultimately, they helped unite our community in understanding our greatest challenges and most urgent priorities. This has resulted in a clear path forward for our school as we work to provide sustainable and excellent Christ-centered education. —Head of School
Learning from experts in the field with a fresh perspective and years of experience in healthy, thriving Christian schools provided insight, specific direction and vision, creating a level of confidence and unity among administration, school board members, and other key stake holders that had not been present in decades. —Head of School
Because of scheduling commitments, these engagements will be limited to four schools during the 2021-2022 school year. If you are interested, please email Dr. Gene Frost or call him at 630-562-7516.
The cost of the yearlong engagement is $4,000 plus expenses related to the campus visit.