Project LEAD

Project LEAD is a leadership development program that equips teams of high school seniors with the skills to live out their calling as servant leaders on campus and beyond.

The documents in this package can be approached as a template for growing a customized leadership development program at your school. We’ve included outlines and example materials from our own program, authored by Jeff Brooke, our Vice Principal for Campus Life and Bible Department Head, along with comments on how the content might be used. Files are provided in a Word format so you have the opportunity to adapt them to best fit your school.

Price: $100

Included in the package:

  • Getting Started: A guide to developing a Project LEAD program at your school
    • Discussion Guides
    • Resources for Team Coaches
  • Student Handbook
  • Sample Application and Interview Questions
  • Retreat Materials and Instructions

Year at a Glance

What does it look like to put the Project LEAD program into practice for a year?

Every spring, we hold an event called “Leadership Academy.” Junior students are invited to attend and learn more about Project LEAD. At the conclusion of the event, Juniors have the option to fill out an application to participate on a ministry team during their senior year. After applications are submitted, students interview with a staff member before being placed on a ministry team. At Wheaton Academy, we currently operate eight ministry teams, each focused on specific goals from co-ordinating chapels to facilitating cross-cultural relationships on campus.

Ministry teams meet with their coaches for the first time on a two-day retreat for rising seniors at the end of the summer. We cast a vision for the year and students participate in team building activities. During the school year, ministry teams meet regularly (typically weekly) with their team coaches to accomplish tasks and grow as leaders. At the end of the year, seniors are invited to share and celebrate their experience during a large-group gathering.

LEAD at Wheaton Academy

At Wheaton Academy, our student culture is founded on the conviction that students who are seeking to live out their relationship with Christ can be treated maturely. For this reason, we invest in training our student leaders and we trust them with significant responsibilities. We expect our student leaders to take control of the student culture and make it better than ever. We want them to establish relationships, run events, create new ideas, impact communities, and change the world’s expectation for high school students. We want them to lead in a direction that points honor and glory to the One that created them. To this end, we developed Project LEAD. After running the program successfully for 20 years, we decided to package our basic materials and share them with other schools.



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